Sinai Subway

by Michael Jerome Troy

3dBookMost government contracted field agents, otherwise known as spies, retire early. At age sixty-two, Duke Pirak, is still a viable asset. When he gets an assignment in Egypt to investigate the militant arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, he becomes obsessed with finding a lover from a previous investigation in Cairo. He thinks about his solitary life, alone because he chose not to involve a permanent friend or lover in his dangerous line of work, and with retirement nearing he wants to find someone to share his life. If his former paramour is available and still in Cairo, she would be a good choice.

Finding her might be a personal priority, but he still has a job, and it could be dangerous. The current president of Egypt is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, and whether or not they have a militant faction supporting them is what he has to discover.

After easily locating his former lover, they work on a mutually beneficial partnership, and he discovers that they are being watched by the Egyptian police. The new government is tenuous, trusting no one, and ready to fall apart. Protests and unrest threaten Cairo and the Nile delta. The stability of the Sinai Peninsula is constantly being endangered by militant groups, Hamas of Gaza and Bedouin gangsters, and Duke is drawn into the middle of this power struggle while trying to rescue a young, kidnapped girl.

This story is current, and seamlessly weaves historical facts, people, and places into this fiction novel so smoothly that it is hard to separate truth from fiction. The thrilling conclusion takes you into the ongoing political struggle of the 2011 Arab Spring in the heart of Cairo; a battle that continues to this day.