Excerpt One

Even though he was devastated by the loss of his mother and friend, he handled it like so many children I’ve seen in the same situation. They have the ability to shift into survival mode and push their anguish to another part of the mind; a way of life oppressed people of the world often experience. Omar would survive.

Chapter 1 Pg. 7 P 2

Excerpt Two

(Captain) Hafez was around forty with a barrel shaped torso common to Egyptians, making him appear stout, about five foot nine and thinning jet-black hair. His receding hairline left a long streak of hair to a widow’s peak just above his prayer callous. If his hair was grown out and glazed, he would look like a punk rocker. With that vision locked in, I found it hard to concentrate on his tirade.

Chapter 9 Pg. 96 P 3

Excerpt Three

…grabbing him from behind in the ever-efficient carotid-sleeper hold, my bicep and forearm cutting off the blood flow to the brain; blackout took five seconds.

In those five seconds, a page of life was read.

Chapter 21 Page 240 P 6